“………………you are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew 5:13-16 ESV



8 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Life’s Purpose


These are tough times for a lot of people. No doubt about it. Being told to stay in your home can, after a while become downright boring, if not depressing.  Even if you could leave you home, where you going to go?  A lot of businesses and restaurants are shut down.  Let’s face it.  This deadly virus has taken its toll in more ways that just the vast number of deaths.  


-Now is the time

So maybe now is a good time to find something that will occupy your time, keep you from going bonkers.  Maybe you realize that even before all this shutdown of life as we knew it, you had a gnawing dissatisfaction with your life. 


Maybe you had a good job and a great family.  Yet you felt something was missing.  Something more was needed to fulfill your life. 


You sensed a lack purpose or meaning and yearned to find your passion.  To fill an emptiness that existed within you. 


Don’t feel alone.  There are many, many folks who feel they are no longer connected to their “inner self”.  They operate out of the left brain.  Looking for reasonable and rational explanations for everything, they have allowed their hearts and souls to be diminished to the degree that it has stifled their creativity.


Don’t be that person.  Now is the time to reexamine you dreams, your passions and to find your purpose.  You can do it.


-How I found my purpose

I know I was getting a bit anxious and somewhat depressed when this whole hunkering-down cycle hit.  What can I do?  TV all day?  Not a good thing.  The news is dismal at best.  What can I do that I really want to do?  That would make me feel good?


I pondered on that for awhile and one night while sitting in my garage praying, the answer was given to me.  Do something that will glorify God. 


What would that look like? 


I can’t get out.  Can’t meet people.  More praying led me to consider starting a blog for those seekers and followers of God.  


Blog.  Me?  You have got to be kidding.


I knew nothing about how to start a blog.  Im not very “techie.”  Not great at writing either. Luckily my friend came to the rescue.  He developed a site for me and continues to help me with the technical aspects of it. 


God rising to help me realize my purpose?  Yep.


And that’s how this blog post developed, by my wanting to share with you some of the questions I asked myself about blogging before and during the process.  I’m not suggesting you do a blog.  There can be many things you can do that will bring you satisfaction.


If you are seeking more purpose in your life and are willing to bring your “inner self” to the surface-that Inner self that  contains your true values,  your desires, your creativity and your passion, then what’s stopping you?  A little soul searching will do it for you.


 Go for it.  Explore your dreams and how you can make them a reality.



Finding your purpose is an inside job, it involves the heart and soul.


Questioning your purpose will help you gain more insight into how important it is in your life.



If you are persistent , then after bouncing around a few ideas or passions, you will find the one that truly excites you and can add meaning to you life.  If you think you have found a passion or purpose to follow, ask yourself the following questions:



1. Is/was your vocation your purpose?

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who had the perfect job that fulfilled you. Most people are not ever in that position. I was. I looked forward to going to work each day.  After retirement, I realized how deeply I identified with my job. So then I had to seek other ways to have meaning and joy in my life. 


So it’s important to ask yourself: Is/Was my job the true me?  Is/Was it fulfilling any of my dreams or passions?



2.   What made you seek your purpose

You might have answered no to the above questions and realized your job is just that-a job that that supports you and your family.  That’s good but it doesn’t necessarily add meaning to your life.  So your search has led you to something that excites you and now You want to explore it more fully.  Awesome.  


So start exploring.  



3. Does it contribute something?

Is my new found purpose just a hobby or is it really contributing something to serve the better good?  Hobbies are great but purpose adds more meaning to your life. 


It is generally aimed at something larger than yourself. 


Your self interest may take a bit of a hit here but believe me, it’s worth it.  



You’ll be amazed!



4. Do you find it exciting?

Is your new purpose lighting a fire under you?  Are you sensing you’re on to something important?  You may be excited to share it with family or friends.  You may find you can’t wait to dig into it more and more.  Maybe you’ll even get a bit preoccupied with it. 


These are “good” things but be careful not to make them “ultimate” things where they become like idols. 


Keep your perspective.



6.   Is it fulfilling?

When you engage in your purpose, does it give you a sense of satisfaction?  Of accomplishing something worthwhile?  Does it bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart?  Do you view it with a sense of awe and wonder?  How did I do this?  It should give you a feeling that you’ve added something of real value to your life.  



5. Does God play a part in it?

This is an important question to consider. If you are a God inspired person, then you need to take a look at how God figures into all this.  Did you use prayer  to help you in finding your purpose? 


Is your purpose something God would find favor in?  Do you include him in all your decision making regarding the fulfillment of your passion?  Will it, in someway, glorify him?



6. Is it challenging?

Difficulties arise in most things we attempt.  If your newly found passion is causing you problems, I strongly suggest that before you tell yourself you just can’t do it, that you contact a friend or someone with the necessary expertise to advise you. 


My blog building had some real technical aspects that challenged me.  Without my friend lending a helping hand and guiding me, I would not be writing this blog today.  Don’t chuck it aside because you hit some road bumps.  



7. Are you passionate about it?

Do you feel a certain intensity about your purpose and do you have an ardent desire to continually work on it?  Do you experience good feelings when completing part or all of it?  Is it something you could pursue for the rest of your life? 


Good questions to consider when evaluating the time spent on your work.  If it interferes in any with your responsibilities, such as job of family, you may need to reorganize your priorities. 


Again, keep things in perspective.



8. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your choice?

Some definitions of overwhelmed state that to be overwhelmed you are, “overcome completely in mind or feeling.”  or “buried or drowning beneath a huge mass.”  If your purpose feels like either of these, then maybe it’s too wide in scope. 


You might need to size it down into smaller chunks in order to reach fruition. 



Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with changing your mind and going in a different direction with another passion you have.  Remember, your purpose should give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction and the recognition of doing something for the better good.  If not, find one that does. 


No shame. No judgment



I told you a bit of a fib.  I told you there were only 8 questions.  Well, I’ve snuck a final one in here for your consideration.  This can be evaluated only after you have been engaged with your purpose for awhile.  I will withhold comments on this question.  This is for you to determine.



Has you purpose changed you or others?  In what ways?

-Good luck on your new adventure-



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